Room Painting Price

“How much its cost to paint my room?” Before answering them, I would ask them a few questions, here is my question:

What type of your house ?

Which room do you want to paint?

How much color do you want in a room?

What type of paint are you going to use on the wall?

I asked them these questions for a reason, because I can answer their questions about room painting prices. Because all of these questions help me know the size of the room, how many containers I need to paint a room, and which type of paint they want to use.


All of these questions revolve around the price of painting a room. This will mainly depend on the type of paint (high or normal price range) and how many paint containers (number of colors) are needed to determine the price.


The cost of workers is fixed, about 250 Singapore dollars / room (including workers and companies costs). So painting a room in Singapore ranges from S $ 350 up to a color and a white ceiling in a single HDB room. Living room price between 350 ~ 500 Singapore dollars.


The best way to do this is to get our paint consultant to contact you and discuss what you want. Click on the room painting contact us  to make an appointment with us to set the date.